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tota11y is an "accessibility visualization toolkit" I built and open-sourced at Khan Academy. It aims to address the some of the frustration and confusion around manual accessibility testing, while providing useful, context-aware error messages and suggestions.

A simple to use isometric graphics library for HTML5 canvas. I built isomer as a fun graphics toy, but I haven't found much use for it in my day-to-day. One day I'll make some art with it.

I'm in the process of revamping isomer to use the popular three.js library for WebGL and all the performance benefits that come with it.

Cleaver generates quick slideshows from familiar Markdown. I built it because I used to procrastinate before giving talks at my school's open-source club.

You can get slides up and running in 30 seconds, and it doesn't look half bad!

Tinman is a blog engine that powers the blog you're reading right now. It is my nth attempt at building a blog engine, and I decided to make it small, simple, and opinionated. You feed it a directory of Markdown posts, and it spits out static HTML. You can customize the templates with JavaScript.

It's easy to fall into the trap of building a static site generator that covers all the use-cases any blogger would want, but I decided to just cover my own use-cases, and hopefully yours match well :)

Tinman was heavily insired by toto.

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